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Here you can find a selection of our tours but we can arrange any study trip for your school or college, whatever the subject and wherever the destination. Please enquire now for your bespoke quote.


"When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life", said Samuel Johnson in 1777. And while the city may have changed since then, the appeal of this great city has not. The vast number of educational attractions and museums make London the ideal destination for a low-cost school trip. Your coach will take you directly from school to your accommodation and you will have full use of this for the duration of your stay helping you visit all the sights. We can arrange a meal at Planet Hollywood and tickets for a west-end show all as part of your package.

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One of the world’s greatest cities, Paris can provide your students with an endless list of attractions regardless of the subject. The city’s art galleries and architecture are legendary but more modern attractions such as Disneyland Paris provide an exciting contrast to your study trip. You can base your school or college trip in the centre of Paris for the ultimate French immersion experience or for Leisure & Tourism and Business students why not stay in the Disneyland park itself for a unique insight into one of the world's best known tourism brands.

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Oozing with 20th century history Berlin has a wealth of educational attractions to interest your students. From its informative museums to its funky modern art and architecture, the German capital has it all. The Reichstag, Checkpoint Charlie and Berlin Wall are just some of the many historical sites that make college and school trips to Berlin so popular particularly with students of History, Leisure & Tourism and Politics.

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With its wealth of educational attractions, a college or school trip to Munich is a must for students of many subjects. History students can learn about the city's role in World War II during reflective visits to the former Dachau Concentration Camp as well as the memorial to Sophie Scholl's Nazi-resistance movement at the city's university. Munich's several Pinakothek museums offer students an insight into the arts from the 16th Century upto present day. While Business Studies and Leisure & Tourism students can make visits to the city's head offices and factories of BMW and Siemens as well as attractions such as the Allianz Arena, Olympic Park and King Leopold's Palaces of Schloss Nymphenburg and Schloss Neuschwanstein that inspired the world-famous Disney castle.

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Poland's former royal capital, Krakow is easily the country's most fascinating and picturesque city. Religion has played a huge part in this city's identity with the former Jewish quarter of Kazimierz a short walk from Krakow's cathedral where Pope John Paul II was once archbishop. A stark reminder of the city's role in World War II can be seen with visits to the museum at Oskar Schindler's former factory and to the nearby Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp. GCSE and A-Level History students would particularly benefit from a school or college trip to Krakow. 

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Working in patrnership with a highly-regarded French language school we offer a full language immersion programme in the heart of Provence. Staying in the charming town of Aix-en-Provence, you can choose for your students to stay with either family homestays or in hotel accommodation. French classes and a full itinerary of educational activities and excursions is also included, giving your students an unforgettable school trip to Provence.

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Quite possibly the ultimate destination for any group of students. The self-styled ‘city that never sleeps’ never fails to impress. With its world-renowned attractions and breathtaking cityscape, a study trip to New York will provide your students with a truly unforgettable educational experience. 

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Or for study trips to Spain please see our partner company Educational Spain who specialise exclusively in school and college trips to Spain.

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